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Designer: Xiao Li

Xiao Li is a Chinese-born London-based designer who attended the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2013. Many of her designs consist of colossal, sculptural silhouettes and the incorporation of technical fabrics + designs that utilize contrasting textiles. Her garments possess sort of an avant-garde feel - yet are still wearable.

Li's accolades include The Diesel Award as well as the International Talent Support Award. Her designs employ very imaginative concepts and are inspired by a multitude of muses for each season's showcase. Li's FW15 collection is among one of my favorites:

Iconography, pop culture + animated influences, and the concept of trompe-l'œil, which is a technique that creates an optical illusion by featuring a depiction of objects existing in three dimensional forms, are all utilized in this season's collection.

My other favorite collection is FW16, inspired by melting clocks - with the silhouette of the dissolving clock shape incorporated into the garments themselves. A soft as well as dark color palette, contrasting textiles, and oversized clock props and purses can also be observed within this collection.

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