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Designer: Andrea Jiapei Li

Chinese-born designer Andrea Jiapei Li began her fashion studies at the Beijing Institute of Technology. She continued her education in NYC and successfully completed the MFA Fashion Design and Society Program at Parsons. Although she did not launch her collection immediately after graduation, eventually she showcased her eponymous collection at VFiles SS15.

Andrea's colossal + flared yet playful designs tend to devour the wearer - one can expect to [stylishly] drown in her garments. She believes oversized silhouettes ultimately provide the ability to move comfortably and freely. Tech fabrics such as mesh and woven neoprene are materials that have been utilized in some of her collections - other textiles being created through bonding techniques.

Her sources of inspiration include paintings by Giorgio De Chirico because of his practice of juxtaposition, as well as the artworks of Alexander Calder. Andrea also incorporates short catchy phrases on her garments with the intention to intrigue and inspire - the phrases are also generally up for interpretation by the wearer. Andrea describes her customer as "optimistic and ingenious, not afraid to take risks and always curious about their surroundings."

Below is a display interrelating Andrea's designs from SS15 - showcased at luxury concept store Dover Street Market in NYC.

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