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Exhibition: The Obliteration Room

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has always been known for her infatuation with polka dots and utilizes them in many of her paintings and art installations. 'The Obliteration Room' is, of course, no exception to this rule. The concept deconstructed: Quite literally to 'obliterate' or destroy a white monochrome room with colorful round stickers. The actual visitors of the space are the ones who are prompted to 'obliterate' the walls, floors, and furniture themselves. This essentially allows us to contribute to the final art piece, which is awesome!

'Obliteration Room' was part of an even larger showcase entitled 'Infinity Mirrors', which was held at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C. However, I believe this was the most photogenic part of the exhibition. I came super prepared for this 'not-so-impromptu' photoshoot as you can see. Yeah, wearing all white was totally done on purpose!

I recently designed my business cards; they arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. Couldn't resist taking a picture of them in this room. Love the contrast!

A new friend I made at the museum. She's adorable.

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