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Design Collab: Ji Won Choi x Adidas

Ji Won Choi is a New York based Korean designer, recently debuting her latest anticipated showcase at London Fashion Week with collaborator Adidas. The project was inspired by her graduate collection from Parsons - where she earned her degree in fashion design. The garments from the thesis collection were composed of vertical + horizontal intersecting stripes and perpendicular lines as well as heavy draping - inspired by her love for architecture as well as traditional Korean garments.

Ji Won Choi x Adidas features a variety of jackets, crops, pants, and even swimsuits. This partnership has allowed Choi to seamlessly translate the aesthetic of her thesis collection into activewear. The pieces from the collection are described as a bold fashion statements, as she identifies her targeted consumer as "strong and confident - expressive, but with ease."

garments form Ji Won Choi's thesis collection:

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