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Art Direction: 'Bread Bags'

Canadian New-York based artist, Chloe Wise, is a visual storyteller whose body of work consists of painting, video, and sculpture. Many of her physical installations incorporate food props, however, one of her most popular projects was 'Bread Bags', a conceptual showcase in which she applies the satirical sense of 'bread' and translates it into tangible fashion + contemporary art statements. "Think 'the breadwinner' or the use of the term 'dough'," she says.

The bags are 'mere representations of luxury and empty calories'. Foods high in carbs and expensive fashion accessories are both visually reassessed as heavily and decadently consumed goods. Moschino, Chanel, and Prada stamped bagels, baguettes, and waffles are created from plastic urethane, detailed with finishing trompe l'oeil effects, and adorned with hardware, straps, and their rightful eponymous logos. A layer of oil paint is also added as a finishing touch to give the bags a more realistic feel.

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