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Designer: Anya Hindmarch

Inspired by everything from onomatopoeia, googly eyes to punctuation marks, London-based designer Anya Hindmarch continues to conceptualize youthful, color-fueled showcases each season, predominantly influenced by visual pop culture. When one thinks of Anya's designs, they recall the heavy incorporation of iconography and animated motifs crafted from genuine leather - and certainly the impeccable stitching detail and overall craftsmanship of her accessories, making her creations ultimately distinguishable from the rest.

Anya's merchandise assortment is primarily accessories focused, but also includes a ready-to-wear line that incorporates the same design principles as the accessories - which includes backpacks, slippers, keychains, wallets, and stickers. Customers can also personalize the anatomy of their bag by purchasing handbag components a la carte.

(Pictured Above) Looks from Spring/Summer '16.

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