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Contemporary Design: MSGM

MSGM is a contemporary mens and womenswear label founded in 2009 by Italian designer Massimo Giorgetti - in collaboration with the Paoloni Group. The ethos of MSGM is based upon the application of influences from contemporary art, exuberant hues, and expressive, punchy prints + patterns - which all collectively contribute to the reinvigoration of the Milanese sartorial scene - Giorgetti becoming a pioneer in Italy's contemporary fashion market ever since.

Targeted towards a girly girl with an androgynous edge, MSGM's pre-fall '16 showcase consists of boyish, relaxed silhouettes with extremely pronounced ruffled accentuations, which I am absolutely enamored by.

Continuity with the incorporation of feminine + masculine elements are seen in other collections as well. (Pictured below: RE17)

Favorite looks from other seasons:



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