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Publication: Toilet Paper Mag

Toilet Paper Magazine is a visual publication co-founded by Italian artist and photographer Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, respectively, with assistance in art direction from Micol Talso. Images from this bi-annual zine have been said to "be appropriated from the world's most surreal stock-photograph service" - which holds much truth. Toilet Paper contains lots of satirical, abstract imagery which captures super unorthodox scenarios - with the juxtaposition of technicolor objects and props that convey ideas of perversion, distortion, and radicalism.

I was acquainted with Toilet Paper Magazine via their first ever collaboration with Kenzo for Fall/Winter 2013. Cattelan, Ferrari, and Talso have done an outstanding job executing these visual campaigns with the incorporation of this exuberant and provocative imagery - which illustrates each Kenzo product, both garments and accessories, in a uniquely crafted dreamscape.

Toilet Paper also offers a vast assortment of branded merchandise varying from clothing to jewelry, backpacks, and even furniture. All items are available to purchase on

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