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Visual Merchandising: Dover Street Market

Polka dot-infused elevators + glass cases encapsulating assorted Comme Des Garçons small leather goods + fragrances, curated room environments reminiscent of resplendent street vendors, and a colorful colossal knit structure plunging through floors 1-6 by textile artist Magda Sayeg - all that and more at New York City's stunningly innovative concept store Dover Street Market. This 20,000 square foot space was conceptualized by none other than the Japanese sartorial legend herself, Rei Kawakubo - who is also, of course, the brainchild and creative direction behind Comme Des Garçons. This massive space showcases a vast assortment of reputable as well as independent designer merchandise, including but not limited to Vetements, Gucci, Balenciaga, Jacquemus, Loewe, etc. - incorporated with art installations and props to accompany each of the carefully curated merchandise assortments.

-all images photographed and edited by me-

A trip to DSM is quite the visual experience - the usage of color, uniquely crafted garments + accessories, and object styling is just so aesthetically pleasing. And just as an art museum rotates exhibitions, DSM deconstructs its interior and overall concept design bi-annually. Fashion designers, set designers, and commissioned artists form a creative alliance to reinvent the space for each upcoming season. There is one thing that retains continuity, however, and that's the CDG branded merchandise which is considered part of the space's permanent collection - with the release of new fragrances, t-shirt collaborations, shoes, and accessories several times a year.

One of my favorite art installations at DSM is the J.W. Anderson slide (pictured below) I absolutely love this idea - with the clothing rack protruding from it as if it were a sartorial playground. Though, pretty much any mundane + ordinary concept reinterpreted as a playfully innovative one will certainly have me swooning. Kawakubo and husband / co-founder Adrian Joffe continue to uphold their ethos as "beautiful chaos" for the space, which incorporates the fusion of art gallery, concept boutique, and department store.

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