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Designer: Valeska Jasso Collado

Valeska Jasso Collado studied fashion design at the University of Westminster in London and showcased her graduate collection in Spring 2014. Much like the design aesthetic I'm usually drawn to - the garments in her collection are very unorthodox, shapely, and voluminous. Valeska describes her overall design aesthetic as colorful, graphic, and fun - being predominantly inspired by 1980's Memphis style furniture and designs by interior decorator David Taylor.

For her collection, Valeska utilized a combination of unconventional materials to create the garments which included pastel-hued latex, metal, and foam. The development and production of these particular materials was very time-consuming. In fact, while her classmates were finishing up their collections, she was still waiting for the materials to be created for hers! The wait was worth it though, because these designs are so playfully striking and truly 1/1.

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