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Visual Merchandising: Kirna Zabête

Kirna Zabête is a concept store that incorporates luxury, art, minimalism, and punchy youthful characteristics in its retail atmosphere and assortment of merchandise. Hosting merch by reputable designer brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Saint Laurent, and Celiné, KZ definitely has an affluent demographic -- one that also appreciates a very exuberant and engaging shopping experience.

-all images photographed and edited by me-

It's remarkable that this space was crafted from an abandoned bus station. It actually does possess a warehouse-y feel with the exposed pipes and high wood ceilings. I think the black and white chandeliers add a touch of luxe and contrast to the space. I also like the rectangular blocks with each designer's name scribed onto them. This is a simple, elegant, and effective way to merchandise products and ensure ease when shopping a specific designer. The neon light is a fun visual addition to the store too - and a way to school customers of the correct pronunciation just in case they've been saying it wrong.

Kirna Zabête also sells assorted little knick knacks and an eclectic mix of accessories such as contemporary art books, Polaroid cameras, quirky phone cases, Andy Warhol perfume candles, and stickers -- made from fur!

I love KZ's shopping bag packaging as well. It's super simple yet has an element of punch with the bold red type. I purchased a super cute Stella McCartney cloud-shaped phone case that was on sale. (They're having a great sale going on right now) Kirna Zabete has locations in The Hamptons, New York City, and suburban Philadelphia.

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