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Concept/Branding: 9 Hours Hotel

9 Hours is a Japanese hospitality chain that provides the bare minimum for today's traveler -- yet in the most conceptual way possible. Primarily catered to visitors who are in and out and aren't desiring so much of a luxurious stay, the hotel lays out literally a nine-hour agenda for guests -- one hour for bathing + grooming upon arrival, seven hours for rest, and one hour to shower, get dressed, and prepare for departure the next morning.

Targeted towards most likely professionals traveling for business and other short-term commitments, this hotel is the perfect place to crash. I love the simple white layout and usage of iconography within the design. It makes the space resemble a minimalist art gallery! Iconography is effective because it's a form of mass communication. No matter what language one speaks, they will understand the message conveyed thanks to these familiar visual aids. 9 Hours has locations across the cities of Kyoto, Narita, and Sendai, Japan.

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