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Retail Set Design: Alexander Wang

When contemporary luxury retailers turn into mini art exhibits >

Okay, so this was totally worth going back in time to reminisce about. In Summer 2014, this was the installation on view at the Alexander Wang flagship store in NYC. I was actually able to view this masterpiece in person as well. It's one of the most innovative and sophisticated retail design installations I've probably ever seen. This monolithic black wave was sculpted from sand - and even features some Wang merch scattered throughout it, which I think really brings cohesion to the concept.

I believe visual merchandising is important because it entices consumers to purchase products and it's just always super exhilarating to see merchandise presented in creative ways. Of course, I'm enamored by the color palette of this installation too - but you knew that already. I speak on all things 'monochrome' quite often but it's one aspect that will always be part of my aesthetic.

Love how the accessories appear as if they are immersed within the wave.

(of course, the heels and handbag are black too)

Wang teamed up with an Australian surfboard company, called Haydenshapes, for the execution of the surfboard portion of this installation. The marble patterns were first digitally printed onto silk and later applied to the surfboards. The large black grid structure serves as a backdrop for the surfboards and also encloses the installation, creating a mini environment within the store.

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