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Packaging: MAC - 'Work It Out' ft. Jeremy Scott

So I recently purchased these amazing neon-hued mascaras from MAC's super fun campaign entitled 'Work It Out'. In no way shape or form do I claim to be a beauty blogger let alone a makeup enthusiast (I wear very minimal makeup, only lipstick and occasionally eyeliner and mascara at the very most) but the packaging in this campaign enticed me too much NOT to purchase them!

The campaign in itself was truly an ode to your classic 80's workout attire and color/pattern aesthetic - with black and white geometric prints including checks and stripes. It also featured an abundance of electric yellows, greens, and pinks - which of course immediately caught my eye. The actual mascara capsule contains a repeat pattern of the MAC logo with each font color corresponding with the color of the mascara inside the capsule. All of the following images were styled as well as photographed by me.

Did I mention I have this awesome Jeremy Scott x Adidas cropped bomber jacket that, when reversed to the other side, looks EXACTLY like the mascara packaging from this campaign, which is too perfect!

I'm wearing the neon yellow mascara (Energized) in these pictures. It was also a must to feature my beautiful vintage Polaroid camera! I believe it really adds a finishing touch to the styling. What do you think?

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