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Designer: Anaïs Rogers

First official blog post, yay! So I had to break in my blog with this incredible graduate collection by French designer, Anaïs Rogers. Like, it was only right. Anaïs graduated from Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris last spring, after studying for two years at that institution.

This is undeniably the kind of stuff that gives me life and continues to feed and nurture my creative soul! I'm literally swooning over every piece. I usually favor up-and-coming designers in particular because their work is always very raw and unorthodox; I feel like their creativity is at its peak. There are no rules, no's like being liberated from having a demographic to market and sell to, so you execute your most eccentric ideas when you still have the chance!

I really love Anaïs' usage of typography in this collection. She studied graphic design prior to fashion so it makes sense that she's naturally drawn to letters and fonts. She also reads many books and derives inspiration from words and phrases that capture her attention within the text. I believe this is the first time that I've seen such a concept implemented on garments, which makes it so much more brilliant to me. This could quite literally be described as 'statement dressing'.

I also like how the letters contrast with one another on some pieces - some letters are laser-cut into the material and others appear as if the background was cut out from around them. Super infatuated with her usage of chunky textiles too! Ugh! There are so many visually pleasing things about this collection; my eye is drawn to a lot of different elements. Can we talk about the awesome, colossal knit stitches in these jumpers? And the silhouette of the white tshirt-esque dress? Love that u-shaped hem and the collar is pretty cool too. Also, you can't go wrong with a pair of wide-leg pants with bold, yet minimal graphics.

Not only are these pieces great, but the shoot location is pretty awesome too. It complements the colors in the collection literally, like, perfectly. My three favorite looks (yes it was hard to just pick one!) is the all white ensemble with the vest and turtleneck dress, the chunky white jumper with the yellow crop pants, and the two piece set containing blue appliqué shapes that seem to be reminiscent of leaves. Oh, and I also LOVE that asymmetrical crop top with the chunky knit sleeve detailing! What's your favorite look from this collection? Would you realistically wear any of these pieces?

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