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Sculptor: Nevine Mahmoud

London-born and Los Angeles based sculptor, Nevine Mahmoud, creates somewhat suggestive works of art. She utilizes a multitude of materials such as marble, onyx, resin, glass, aluminum, and stainless steel hardware to create her sculptures. The muses for many of her projects is female anatomy and subtle eroticism. Mahmoud conceptually and tastefully objectifies the female body as well as sexual acts, and executes each piece with a soft + sensual color palette, lightening the feel of them.

"Butter Chin", 2017

"Primary Encounter", 2017

"Lick", 2017

"Cleave and Spread Peach", 2017

"Breast Shade", 2017

"Slick Slice", 2017

"Mother Milk", 2017

"Blue Donut", 2017

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