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Exhibition: Comme Des Garçons

As a hardcore enthusiast of all things unorthodox in virtually every element of design, May 4th couldn't have come sooner for me. That day marked the official opening of the Comme Des Garçons exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC's Upper East Side. This beautifully curated collection features an extraordinary retrospective of 100+ garments from the 44 year-old legendary brand. The premiere of this exhibition followed shortly after the Met Gala which took place on May 1st at the museum (CDG was the theme of the evening, of course).

-all images photographed and edited by me-

I must say that this exhibition was quite overwhelming! Rei Kawakubo, who is the brainchild behind Comme Des Garçons, is one of my favorite designers so I found it difficult to experience such an amazing showcase while simultaneously attempting to share it on all of my social media platforms (it's actually a lot tougher than you think).

So for me it's definitely a MUST to revisit and thoroughly take in all of this amazing avant-garde-goodness next time. Inclusive was so much sartorial excellence: lots of experimental textiles, materials, and playful silhouettes were utilized in this retrospective - dating back from the 1980's - present.

Comme Des Garçons sneakers spotted at the exhibition.

The 'Art Of the In-Between' deconstructed: the theme of this exhibition is so eloquently articulated in a booklet that the museum provides for you - not to mention also visually helps you navigate the collection. Essentially, the garments in each curated collection are described as these oxymoron-esque opposing phrases. For example: Clothes / Not Clothes , Child / Adult , High / Low , Absence / Presence , Beautiful / Grotesque , etc.

The garments are said to portray the "in between-ness" of these terms. Somehow they possess elements of both, creating an equally distributed hybrid. I thought this concept was incredibly interesting. In addition, the architecture of this space is so gorgeous! It is so minimally stunning and complements the showcase so well. I was also enamored by the mannequin hairstyling.

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